Should Lying Politicians be punished?


Well it seems were on the politics wind up again, my dad laughs at me as I live in my own little bubble and rarely pay attention to whats important.

I hold my hands up I never voted in the Brexit vote I would have voted stay but did not vote  because I had not watched enough of the debates (it was my own fault) one of the few things I did catch was the Nigel Farage lie on the NHS where he clearly stated if we leave Brexit the NHS would get 350 Million if we left and then backtracked and said he never said it and all promo material was nothing to do with him infuriated me.

Now lets be frank he is not the first politician to blatantly lie to win votes. Some of the things that Britain has had to put up with on lies are children’s tax credits, freezing of taxes, policies on affordable housing, tax evasion and fiddling expenses and lets not even go into the Margaret Thatcher and other politicians in other countries. I did catch a little piece on the news the other day with a labour candidate on about the big disabled benefit shakeup, that has been going on they said how the conservatives had enforced it and it was a mess. They claimed that they would reverse it so all these policies that don’t work the opposition says they will do the opposite and it is the general public that suffer.

To the normal Layman if you were caught being deceitful for financial gain you would be labelled a con artist and jailed for fraud. If you lied in your job and got found out you would be fired.

So why is it deemed acceptable for politicians to lie especially when everyone is watching and there is proof. I would assume that a large portion of leave voters did so due to lies (not to say the other side did not lie) so why are the people saying them not held fully accountable for bare faced lying to the public as people vote due to what people say. We are supposed to be teaching the younger generation compassion, hard work will get you to achieve and most of all honesty. But some politicians promote slyness, Lying, Deceitfulness and dishonesty.

What I want for Britain in a politician = Someone with vision who clearly loves and wants us to be great again. Someone who can address the NHS, education, employment, immigration, housing and social issues that we have.

Here is a couple of things I would like to see (although I may live in a dream world)

  1. More help for university students give them apprenticeships along side their degree so they do practical work in a company (in their field) as well as there work and the company invests in the university (giving the education system more funds, the candidate work experience and maybe a career at the end of it and upcoming workers for the companies cutting down on recruitment costs)
  2. Reduced taxes for small business’s to encourage them to open in our high streets making them great again.
  3. Restrictions on childrens benefits if you have over a certain amount (I hear this is coming in)
  4. All housing developments over a certain size to include services to the area ie a small school, doctor, dentist, shops to service the extra people and also creating some jobs.
  5. People under 30 who have never worked a day in their life but are on no disibility or other benefit (other than jobseekers) have to do some sort of community service to get their job seekers benefit.

But The main question for me should we punish lying politicians = FOR ME YES


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