Have Film Writers Run Out Of Ideas 2017?

I am getting a head ache…… why I hear you ask. I love my films and quite often look on you tube to see upcoming releases. I watched a trailer the other day (sorry I can not remember the name of the film) but it was a horror which seemed very similar to 28 days later. In today’s modern society we are over run with remakes of our childhood memories.

Whats wrong with that I hear you ask?

Nothing if they are done well, but when it is not it ruins your memories you wish you had never watched. The world is your oyster when it comes to writing surely we had not explored everything possible.

On top of the majority of my childhood cartoons being redone and I don’t like them the other day there was a lethal weapon series on…. Ghost in the shell movie out (it better be good!) but to my horror this morning there was a trailer for a death note series on Netflix. Of course I will watch it as I have to know if it is rubbish but I am left annoyed that people seem to have dried up on original ideas.

To TV And Film executives come on give our young creative writers a chance stop wasting time churning out remakes of things already done the next great thing is waiting to be discovered.

Go on I may even do a review on death note.GB EYE MG0993-DEATHNOTE-rules-MOCKUP[1]-01


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