Does music help with stress release and mental health in the workplace?

faces copy no border-01With Mental Health, anxiety and stress seeming to be on the increase we ask could music help with a  healthier mind? It has been reported that 1 in 4 people in Britain have some kind of mental illness and you can not help wonder if the current day situations of stress, debt, life stability, world situation all factors in your mental state if there enough help out there.

I have read a few reports on the subject (some of which I disagreed with)  one article actually pigeon holed to what type of personality is linked to what type of music you listen to, saying that if you listened to one particular genre that you would be a certain type personality. There are lot of external factors that will shape who you are you will have certain interests but life experiences may encounter you to develop mental illnesses.

Although many people will admit that they have a favourite genre of music and a genre they least like many people will admit they they may listen to more than one genre dependent of what mood they are in. I recently worked somewhere who had a CD playing in the background of the shop which had been specially selected as emerging artists which had been selected due to the types of music proven to improve shopping trends. Whether this increased spending I do not know but I do know this…

After listening to this CD on loop for 3 months I asked a member of staff how long it was till they changed the songs on the CD only to be told they had been listening to that CD for two years every day, in the same order. We tried to make a joke of it by saying some of the songs sounded like famous artists such as Marilyn Manson, Alanis Morissette, Bjork, the Beatles etc but there was one song in particular where the singer was out of time with the music which infuriated me.

It showed me that certain things within what you listen to really do change your mood and mental state.

Now I hold my hands up I love my music I have my headphones on every day and I do suffer with depression. Listening to what I love uplifts me when I am down and makes me more creative when I work. I have worked in offices where they have no music on as they do not have a licence and you can feel the stress of the everyday business world in the room. I have spoken to a few friends who I know work in an environment where they can have music on and they tell me it makes them happier and makes the day go faster.

My question is this if it can be medically proven that music helps people with mental illness and increases productivity in the workplace should the government abolish that you need to have a licence to play music in the workplace? There is a lot of campaigning currently (even prince harry joining the struggle) to help people open up about the issues they have. Should office workers be allowed to have headphones on and listen to what they want decrease stress while they work?

Just a thought from me!




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