Easter Monday

Well If my Easter Weekend is the same as any other it means a lot of chocolate has been consumed. But in the wake of my chocolate high I wish to complain about this never ending chocolate shrinkageChocolate-01. We have all been told about how after the Brexit result we should prepare for a sharp rise in prices in our supermarkets which in my opinion has already started. I am what they call a £1 bargain shopper if I want treats I always suspiciously lurk at the end of the supermarket isle looking for whatever is on current offer. Quite often I end up buying a multi pack with 4 bars of something for £1, thinking it is a bargain I go away fairly satisfied. But once home i always feel deflated as the chocolate bar sizes are getting smaller and smaller. I am not alone everyone comments on the size of the old Christmas tubs getting smaller, then there was the Toblerone shape disappointment of 2017 when I was outraged that they changed the shape without consulting me lol, now the bars getting smaller. Now we are not stupid consumers as the running costs across the U.K for businesses increases we know a knock on effect has to happen. My wish is simple, there is only so much stripping back companies can do before these items seem like they are being rationed as simple fix which would be clearly state the bars are reduced at the bargain £1 but full size are available at a higher cost letting the consumer make the informed decision instead of being sneaky.

Chocolate rant over


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