Broadchurch Finale Tonight (I do not own image and spoiler alerts included)

Broadchurch IMThe time is here where Trish’s attacker will be named. This has been a fantastic series keeping us guessing at every turn with brilliant acting throughout.

So who are your suspision’s leaning towards… lets look at the lineup

DCI Alec Hardy – I hope they don’t make him the rapist I only included him because my   brother thinks it will be incredibly funny if it turns out to be in.

Mark Latimer – Danny’s dad. We all know he has been on the meltdown of the century       (although we can not blame him) After confronting his sons killer he has                               finally lost it and tried to do himself in.  We would like to think the caring                             dad did not do it.

Aaron Mayford – Convicted Rapist settled in the area. Been under suspicion and                   surveillance. With an arrogant confidence when talking to police and a changing alibi could this convicted rapist have struck again?.

Clive Lucas – Creepy Taxi Driver horrible to his wife, porn addict and general sleaze. He     seems suspicious at every turn and his wife has just found Trish’s keys in his garage tut tut. Did he lure Trish away from the party?

Jim Atwood – Being painted out to be the main suspect, having sex with everyone apart   from his wife and carrying condoms in his glove box just in case he gets lucky. I don’t think that Jim will be the one as I believe that is too obvious come on broad church we need one more twist.

Ed Burnell – Please don’t let it be Lenny Henry! Obsessed with Trish even camping outside her house. I want to believe he just wants to be her saviour and his obsession did not get the better of him.

Ian Winterman – Trish’s ex husband and general wet lettuce. Putting spyware on her       Computer to watch her… (fruit loop) and letting himself in the house. He was pissed off at the party could his anger of gotten too much?

Lee Humphries – He’s got the keyyyy (fishing wire) ……hes got the secreeeeeet (of the           spyware). Acting shifty but not to involved with Trish. But could he have been laying in wait at the party?

My Predictions

I want to think that it was none of the above.


Michael Lucas: Taxi Drivers Son – Porn on his phone generally curious about sex i               believed that he could have been involved but……….. When the other people came forward to say they too had been raped I changed my mind as he may be to young to have committed them offences.

Now I am back to thinking he may have done it and the Trish’s keys came from not his dad but him hmmmmmmm!


Reverand Paul Coates – The Vicar did it never at the forefront but always skulking             around. Appearing helpful but has a dark side I am sure he said he went away for a while my guess is after one of the other rapes but then he returned.

                            HAVE YOUR GUESS! CAN’T WAIT FOR TONIGHT!



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