Brightening My Sunday Up!

The other week I was hysterically giggling at the man correcting grammar on signs in I think it was Bristol. But alas he has been outdone by the GENIUS who is writing song lyrics on double yellow lines in Manchester. I read it was the Smiths and Joy Division lyrics he was leaving. But lets face it there of plenty of music artists from Manchester that could be added to it. It would be a full time job writing them all on.

It makes me want to get out a sharpie and join the fight in my local areas. But I have to admit it would be be the funniest thing is this vigilante lyric writers grammar was bad and grammar man then went and corrected it lol…. could you imagine!


Should Lying Politicians be punished?


Well it seems were on the politics wind up again, my dad laughs at me as I live in my own little bubble and rarely pay attention to whats important.

I hold my hands up I never voted in the Brexit vote I would have voted stay but did not vote  because I had not watched enough of the debates (it was my own fault) one of the few things I did catch was the Nigel Farage lie on the NHS where he clearly stated if we leave Brexit the NHS would get 350 Million if we left and then backtracked and said he never said it and all promo material was nothing to do with him infuriated me.

Now lets be frank he is not the first politician to blatantly lie to win votes. Some of the things that Britain has had to put up with on lies are children’s tax credits, freezing of taxes, policies on affordable housing, tax evasion and fiddling expenses and lets not even go into the Margaret Thatcher and other politicians in other countries. I did catch a little piece on the news the other day with a labour candidate on about the big disabled benefit shakeup, that has been going on they said how the conservatives had enforced it and it was a mess. They claimed that they would reverse it so all these policies that don’t work the opposition says they will do the opposite and it is the general public that suffer.

To the normal Layman if you were caught being deceitful for financial gain you would be labelled a con artist and jailed for fraud. If you lied in your job and got found out you would be fired.

So why is it deemed acceptable for politicians to lie especially when everyone is watching and there is proof. I would assume that a large portion of leave voters did so due to lies (not to say the other side did not lie) so why are the people saying them not held fully accountable for bare faced lying to the public as people vote due to what people say. We are supposed to be teaching the younger generation compassion, hard work will get you to achieve and most of all honesty. But some politicians promote slyness, Lying, Deceitfulness and dishonesty.

What I want for Britain in a politician = Someone with vision who clearly loves and wants us to be great again. Someone who can address the NHS, education, employment, immigration, housing and social issues that we have.

Here is a couple of things I would like to see (although I may live in a dream world)

  1. More help for university students give them apprenticeships along side their degree so they do practical work in a company (in their field) as well as there work and the company invests in the university (giving the education system more funds, the candidate work experience and maybe a career at the end of it and upcoming workers for the companies cutting down on recruitment costs)
  2. Reduced taxes for small business’s to encourage them to open in our high streets making them great again.
  3. Restrictions on childrens benefits if you have over a certain amount (I hear this is coming in)
  4. All housing developments over a certain size to include services to the area ie a small school, doctor, dentist, shops to service the extra people and also creating some jobs.
  5. People under 30 who have never worked a day in their life but are on no disibility or other benefit (other than jobseekers) have to do some sort of community service to get their job seekers benefit.

But The main question for me should we punish lying politicians = FOR ME YES

Have Film Writers Run Out Of Ideas 2017?

I am getting a head ache…… why I hear you ask. I love my films and quite often look on you tube to see upcoming releases. I watched a trailer the other day (sorry I can not remember the name of the film) but it was a horror which seemed very similar to 28 days later. In today’s modern society we are over run with remakes of our childhood memories.

Whats wrong with that I hear you ask?

Nothing if they are done well, but when it is not it ruins your memories you wish you had never watched. The world is your oyster when it comes to writing surely we had not explored everything possible.

On top of the majority of my childhood cartoons being redone and I don’t like them the other day there was a lethal weapon series on…. Ghost in the shell movie out (it better be good!) but to my horror this morning there was a trailer for a death note series on Netflix. Of course I will watch it as I have to know if it is rubbish but I am left annoyed that people seem to have dried up on original ideas.

To TV And Film executives come on give our young creative writers a chance stop wasting time churning out remakes of things already done the next great thing is waiting to be discovered.

Go on I may even do a review on death note.GB EYE MG0993-DEATHNOTE-rules-MOCKUP[1]-01

Does music help with stress release and mental health in the workplace?

faces copy no border-01With Mental Health, anxiety and stress seeming to be on the increase we ask could music help with a  healthier mind? It has been reported that 1 in 4 people in Britain have some kind of mental illness and you can not help wonder if the current day situations of stress, debt, life stability, world situation all factors in your mental state if there enough help out there.

I have read a few reports on the subject (some of which I disagreed with)  one article actually pigeon holed to what type of personality is linked to what type of music you listen to, saying that if you listened to one particular genre that you would be a certain type personality. There are lot of external factors that will shape who you are you will have certain interests but life experiences may encounter you to develop mental illnesses.

Although many people will admit that they have a favourite genre of music and a genre they least like many people will admit they they may listen to more than one genre dependent of what mood they are in. I recently worked somewhere who had a CD playing in the background of the shop which had been specially selected as emerging artists which had been selected due to the types of music proven to improve shopping trends. Whether this increased spending I do not know but I do know this…

After listening to this CD on loop for 3 months I asked a member of staff how long it was till they changed the songs on the CD only to be told they had been listening to that CD for two years every day, in the same order. We tried to make a joke of it by saying some of the songs sounded like famous artists such as Marilyn Manson, Alanis Morissette, Bjork, the Beatles etc but there was one song in particular where the singer was out of time with the music which infuriated me.

It showed me that certain things within what you listen to really do change your mood and mental state.

Now I hold my hands up I love my music I have my headphones on every day and I do suffer with depression. Listening to what I love uplifts me when I am down and makes me more creative when I work. I have worked in offices where they have no music on as they do not have a licence and you can feel the stress of the everyday business world in the room. I have spoken to a few friends who I know work in an environment where they can have music on and they tell me it makes them happier and makes the day go faster.

My question is this if it can be medically proven that music helps people with mental illness and increases productivity in the workplace should the government abolish that you need to have a licence to play music in the workplace? There is a lot of campaigning currently (even prince harry joining the struggle) to help people open up about the issues they have. Should office workers be allowed to have headphones on and listen to what they want decrease stress while they work?

Just a thought from me!



Broadchurch Finale Tonight (I do not own image and spoiler alerts included)

Broadchurch IMThe time is here where Trish’s attacker will be named. This has been a fantastic series keeping us guessing at every turn with brilliant acting throughout.

So who are your suspision’s leaning towards… lets look at the lineup

DCI Alec Hardy – I hope they don’t make him the rapist I only included him because my   brother thinks it will be incredibly funny if it turns out to be in.

Mark Latimer – Danny’s dad. We all know he has been on the meltdown of the century       (although we can not blame him) After confronting his sons killer he has                               finally lost it and tried to do himself in.  We would like to think the caring                             dad did not do it.

Aaron Mayford – Convicted Rapist settled in the area. Been under suspicion and                   surveillance. With an arrogant confidence when talking to police and a changing alibi could this convicted rapist have struck again?.

Clive Lucas – Creepy Taxi Driver horrible to his wife, porn addict and general sleaze. He     seems suspicious at every turn and his wife has just found Trish’s keys in his garage tut tut. Did he lure Trish away from the party?

Jim Atwood – Being painted out to be the main suspect, having sex with everyone apart   from his wife and carrying condoms in his glove box just in case he gets lucky. I don’t think that Jim will be the one as I believe that is too obvious come on broad church we need one more twist.

Ed Burnell – Please don’t let it be Lenny Henry! Obsessed with Trish even camping outside her house. I want to believe he just wants to be her saviour and his obsession did not get the better of him.

Ian Winterman – Trish’s ex husband and general wet lettuce. Putting spyware on her       Computer to watch her… (fruit loop) and letting himself in the house. He was pissed off at the party could his anger of gotten too much?

Lee Humphries – He’s got the keyyyy (fishing wire) ……hes got the secreeeeeet (of the           spyware). Acting shifty but not to involved with Trish. But could he have been laying in wait at the party?

My Predictions

I want to think that it was none of the above.


Michael Lucas: Taxi Drivers Son – Porn on his phone generally curious about sex i               believed that he could have been involved but……….. When the other people came forward to say they too had been raped I changed my mind as he may be to young to have committed them offences.

Now I am back to thinking he may have done it and the Trish’s keys came from not his dad but him hmmmmmmm!


Reverand Paul Coates – The Vicar did it never at the forefront but always skulking             around. Appearing helpful but has a dark side I am sure he said he went away for a while my guess is after one of the other rapes but then he returned.

                            HAVE YOUR GUESS! CAN’T WAIT FOR TONIGHT!


Easter Monday

Well If my Easter Weekend is the same as any other it means a lot of chocolate has been consumed. But in the wake of my chocolate high I wish to complain about this never ending chocolate shrinkageChocolate-01. We have all been told about how after the Brexit result we should prepare for a sharp rise in prices in our supermarkets which in my opinion has already started. I am what they call a £1 bargain shopper if I want treats I always suspiciously lurk at the end of the supermarket isle looking for whatever is on current offer. Quite often I end up buying a multi pack with 4 bars of something for £1, thinking it is a bargain I go away fairly satisfied. But once home i always feel deflated as the chocolate bar sizes are getting smaller and smaller. I am not alone everyone comments on the size of the old Christmas tubs getting smaller, then there was the Toblerone shape disappointment of 2017 when I was outraged that they changed the shape without consulting me lol, now the bars getting smaller. Now we are not stupid consumers as the running costs across the U.K for businesses increases we know a knock on effect has to happen. My wish is simple, there is only so much stripping back companies can do before these items seem like they are being rationed as simple fix which would be clearly state the bars are reduced at the bargain £1 but full size are available at a higher cost letting the consumer make the informed decision instead of being sneaky.

Chocolate rant over

First blog post

#1 Well I have been meaning to do this for a very long time. Time for a blog I think. I am doing this hidden by an anonymous title. I am going to take you on a journey of my life, with good music suggestions, blasts from my past, my rants, current events I wish to go on about, and well just anything I feel like. Buckle your seat belts.

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